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Consistently named "Best of the Web" by Forbes Magazine and U.S. News and World Report, 6FigureJobs is the leading online resource for connecting senior managers with motivated employers and recruiters. 6FigureJobs helps top-tier talent and top-flight corporations connect.

6FigureJobs has thousands of pre-screened $100k+ opportunities from top-tier firms. Hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and seven of the top ten retained executive search firms use 6FigureJobs to recruit for management positions. Membership is free, confidentiality is a priority.

There are currently 300,000+ pre-screened members in the 6FigureJobs database with 10,000 new registrants each month. 6FigureJobs boasts the largest active recruitment database for senior executives on the web. All executives' resumes are pre-screened. All members have a minimum of 6 years work experience and $100k compensation package. Member job titles range from the V.P. level to the "C-Level". (CIO, CFO, CEO, etc.)


Web Site Architecture design including:

  • requirements definition
  • site specification
  • project plans
  • tier structure development
  • user interface definition

Complete programming of web sites including:

  • GUI
  • Site code
  • SQL 7 database

Management of web site including:

  • introduction and development of new functionality
  • technology
  • content areas
  • maintenance plans
  • backups
  • monitoring

The web site is based on a portal framework infrastructure that supports both intranet and Internet portal applications.


  • A "pluggable" framework that is simple to extend
  • Roles-based security for viewing content and administering the portal
  • Cross-browser support
  • Clean code/html content separation
  • Multi-tier application architecture
  • Data access using SQL stored procedures
  • Forms authentication using a database for usernames/passwords